qualities to look for when hiring an electrician

6 Qualities to Look While Hiring an Electrician

When you’re hiring an electrician, whether it’s to change a few light spotlights in the kitchen or to install a new fuse board, then you’ll want to do your homework. But exactly what is it that separates the quality from the cowboys? Being among the foremost emergency electricians in the Brighton and Hove area, we’re well-positioned to answer the question!

Punctuality and Reliability

If there’s an electrical problem that needs urgent attention, you need an emergency electrician who’ll turn up on time, 100% of the time. This is especially important when extensive work is planned; if they’re late on the first day, you can be fairly sure that they’ll be late again. If you’re based in the vicinity of Brighton & Hayward’s Heath, you can rest assured that we’ll be able to get to you on-schedule.


The best electricians aren’t just those with peerless expertise and impeccable technical skills; they’re those who are able to listen to the customer and provide useful advice. Electrical work (and emergency electrical work in particular) involves extensive troubleshooting – and the most powerful ways of identifying the cause of the trouble is often by asking the right questions. As such, the most effective electricians are easy-going and approachable.


If you’re going to allow a stranger to start messing around with your home’s wiring, then you’re entitled to some assurance that they know what they’re doing. This assurance comes in the form of a NICEIC qualification. A qualified electrician will be happy to demonstrate their qualification to you – so beware of anyone who gets sniffy, or starts making excuses instead.


The vast majority of electricians build their businesses through word of mouth. One person’s house needs a rewire, and then eighteen months later a friend will ask after the responsible party. Noe-one, after all, wants to be a guinea pig for a newly-qualified tradesperson, especially if the trade in question involves two-hundred-and-thirty volts of alternating current.


There’s no substitute for experience. Jobs come in a range of shapes and sizes, and the longer your sparky has been in the game, the better equipped they’ll be to spot potential problems quickly, and identify ways around them.


Obviously, an electrician who can’t ever find time to come over isn’t one you can rely on in an emergency. But, on the other hand, one who’s constantly available is one who isn’t getting much business. If, after the first phone call, they announce that they’ll be over in five minutes, it’s time to worry. Emergency electricians emphasise responsiveness: they manage their time so that there’s always someone available at short notice. After all, some problems just can’t wait until the middle of next month.


Of course, price is going to play a major factor in every hiring decision, and your emergency electrician is no exception. But at the same time, we’re talking about skilled labour to deal with a vital (and potentially dangerous) utility. Cutting corners is almost always inadvisable. If you’re looking for an electrician in Brighton & Haywards Heath, then don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quote, either via email, or by giving us a call!

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